1. Stuck in the tree. Forever.


  2. Anonymous said: What's a 'good' comic, in your opinion?


    This is a complicated question that someone could answer in a lot of different ways. I could just list off a bunch of cartoonists or books that I like, but that would be sort of inconsistent and incomplete. I could describe in words what makes a good comic, but that probably wouldn’t encompass all of the things that I actually enjoy. Alternatively I could talk about what I do in my own work to try and make my comics “good.” 

    In general, good comics are the ones where the person who made them tried to make something interesting and tried to diversify their work from comics previously existing.

    Patrick says it.

  3. koyamapress:

    Highlighting titles from the Koyama Press backlist


    Cartoonist and recent cartographer Keith Jones produced an amazing colouring book back in 2011. Lend your colouring skills to Keith’s delightful allover drawings. Stay in the lines or don’t!

    » Buy Colour Me Busy

    Keith rules!

  4. Why did I do this?


  5. My comic “The Peeper” is on Vice.com today.

  6. puketrick:


    Black Mass is on sale for $10 for a little while. 208 pages of this saggy looking people saying “Punk.” The only humour comic I’ll ever make since I’m a sad existentialist now.  

    Buy from Mother Books

    Last call for this, coming down within the next hour, then you’ll have to pay $20 dollars for this 4 years of my life instead of $10. 

    Buy it while you can, folks.

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  7. I’m rooting for the dragon.

  8. Skate Buds.

  9. There’s 80 of them.  11”x14”.

  11. I don’t know who this girl is, but if you see her, tell her I think she’s great.

  12. Elfo

  13. Little drawing for the Kus! Last Match show.

    Check it out if you’re in Toronto for TCAF.


  14. Comic I did for “Cruisin’ by Valley Cruise Press.  Buy it here.

    I received a bunch of copies today and they look really great.

  15. Six page comic I did for Descant magazine’s comic issue. Check it out here.

    There are so many amazing Canadian cartoonists in this thing.  Patrick Kyle, Ginette Lapalme, Michael Deforge, Jesse Jacobs, Marc Bell, Connor Willumsen, Fiona Smyth…the list goes on.  I’m happy to be included.